bulletTrue Dispatch Radio

AFCOMM-LLC's trunked private channel system has been the choice of fleet business users for almost 30 years. It is a tool used by management to increase productivity, efficiency and profits and create an espre-de-corps among workers. It provides unlimited airtime for a flat monthly fee, never charges dispatch airtime by the minute, provides total "uninhibited" company communications and is easy to use.

The trunked private channel 2-way radio system is designed so that management and workers in the field and in the office can monitor all conversations within the fleet. No other company is on their channel (code) so it's completely private.

Information can be simultaneously dispatched to all vehicles/workers without having to call each one individually, thereby saving time and providing clear continuity of the voice communications. "True" Dispatch Radio users report many "mini conferences" during the day between workers, which saves time and money and increases efficiency, productivity and company profits. Managers and field workers can monitor communications and immediately join in on important decisions "when needed." This capability puts the "Boss in the seat next to the driver." At the end of the day, everyone has a better grasp of what they are doing and what the company is doing because they have heard conversations that affect them.

This can only happen with "True" Dispatch Radio which allows unlimited airtime without inhibiting workers through management imposed limits on talk time because of potentially high airtime bills (like cellular or Nextel). Unlimited airtime use and totally uninhibited company communication is essential to increase efficiency, productivity and profits. Safety is another plus to Real Dispatch Radio. Simply push the Microphone Button and you have instant communication with the office and other company workers in case of traffic or a vehicle problem, not to mention a robbery or assault. "True" Dispatch Radio eliminates backtracking. One company worker may need a part, to skip a delivery or has a business emergency and calls into the base/office, which is immediately heard on another workers radio who can solve the problem.