The Heart of any AVL System:

The starting point for any quality Vehicle Location System is the software.  Our FleetStat AVL Software has incorporated the latest in mapping information while adding advanced functions such as:

Alphanumeric text and pre-canned status messaging.

Record/Trace function to record the actions of one or all the units in the fleet.

Monitor unit direction and speed at a glance.

Driving Directions and Address Locator.

Unit ID and Dispatcher Controlled Status Request.

Full 50 State mapping included in package.

Adjustable speed alert indicator that alarms any units exceeding the preset speed limit.

Full on-screen playback of the entire days activities.

Reporting option to generate printed reports.

Full multi-user network compatible software.

Map editing features. 

While the FleetStat AVL software is feature rich, it still incorporates an easy to use Windows point-and-click interface. Even the casual computer user can learn to use the FleetStat AVL software in minutes.

 Integrating Voice Dispatch, GPS-Based AVL, and Mobile Messaging in One Economical Unit

In our continued effort to bring innovative products to our customers, we announce the introduction of our latest product offering, FleetStat AVL.

The FleetStat AVL system integrates the features of traditional voice dispatch radio with a built-in Vehicle Tracking System.  Combined with our FleetStat AVL dispatch software, you have a complete messaging, vehicle tracking and voice radio system.  All this in a unit that costs hundreds of dollars less than competing systems.

Click on images below to see enlarged view of various screens found on the FleetStat AVL: program.

fleetpic2.jpg (130445 bytes)
Full Screen View

fleetpic3.jpg (5045 bytes)
Speed Alert Indicator

fleetpic4.jpg (16437 bytes)
Fleet Control Window

fleetpic5.jpg (5297 bytes)
Vehicle Record Window

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Full Screen
Zoom #1

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Full Screen
Zoom #2

Key Features Include:

Voice Dispatch Radio:
FleetStat AVL offers traditional voice dispatch operation in Conventional Mode or LTR Trunking in VHF/UHF/ 800/900 MHz.

GPS-Based AVL:
Automatic Vehicle Location hardware built right into the radio. No external receivers or modems to install. FleetStat AVL can even be added to existing FleetSync equipped mobile radios.

Caller ID and Status Messages:
With the FleetStat AVL software package, ANI Caller-ID is displayed right on the screen. Dispatchers can also send preprogrammed status messages and request the current status of any unit in the field.

Alphanumeric Text Messages:
From the software message center, dispatchers can send long alphanumeric text messages directly to the display of the mobile unit.

Emergency Unit Alert:
Any unit in the field can immediately alert the dispatcher of an emergency situation using the FleetStat AVL emergency alert feature. Flashing alert status is displayed and the unit is immediately centered on the dispatch screen for easy identification.

Vehicle Speed and Direction Indicators:
Vehicle direction can be viewed at a glance with the easy-to-read vehicle direction indicator. Vehicle speed is always displayed with the unit number and current status for easy monitoring of equipment.

Messaging Center:
Easy to use Windows point-and-click messaging center allows dispatcher quick access to Unit Polling, Short and Long Text Messaging, Unit ID, and Vehicle Status.

Record / Trace Units:
Trace the movement and status of individual units or the entire fleet. Perfect for making sure all vehicles in the fleet are accountable for every minute of the workday.

 FleetStat AVL List Price Sheet

Part #




FleetStat AVL Integrated Voice/AVL Mobile Radio. Includes Mobile Radio in VHF, UHF, 800, or 900 MHz, Integrated AVL Package, Mounting Hardware, Power Cable, and Microphone.






FleetStat AVL Enabled Base Station Unit. Includes Base Radio in VHF, UHF, 800, or 900 MHz, AVL Base Package, Mounting Hardware, Power Cable, and Microphone (Price Does Not Include Power Supply).





FleetStat w/ Dealer
Supplied Radio




Integrated AVL Package: Installed into Dealer Supplied FleetSync Equipped Mobile Radio.






FleetStat AVL Enabled Equipment Installed into Dealer Supplied FleetSync Equipped Mobile Radio.




Fleetstat Dispatching Software For a Single Dispatch Position.

$ 999.00



Fleetstat Networking Software.

Each Additonal PC.





Fleetstat Messaging Software. Provides Text Messaging Capability.